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Quick Cleanse and Deodorizing Body Spray's... For All Body Parts.

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Pits, Privates, Butt, Feet...

This refreshing spray is specially formulated with naturally derived ingredients to provide a quick cleanse and effective deodorizing action for all body parts.  It is pH balanced ensuring optimal skin compatibility and does not require rinsing making it convenient to use anytime and anywhere. Instantly freshen up with any one of our 3 specially curated scents and enjoy the revitalizing burst of fragrance.

For Deodorizing Only, Spray directly onto body part and allow it to dry.

Leaving you clean, refreshed and smelling good!

To Use

For Body Cleansing and Deodorizing

simply shake bottle, spray directly onto body or cloth (fabric, paper cloth, including toilet paper) and wipe.  
No Rinsing Needed! 

​For Deodorizing Only


Spray directly onto body part and allow it to dry.

(Quick Drying)


Feet and Shoe Deodorizer 
and Quick Cleanser


Say Good Bye to smelly, feet and shoes. 

Introducing our Feet and Shoe Spray Deodorizer and Quick Cleanser!

This powerful formula is designed to deliver a refreshingly minty scent while effectively eliminating unpleasant odors. With its antibacterial properties, it not only freshens up your feet, and shoes, it helps keep your feet protected.

Our deodorizer and no rinse cleanser is specially formulated with naturally derived ingredients, ensuring a safe and gentle experience for your feet. It quickly cleanses your feet, removing dirt and impurities, leaving them feeling fresh and revitalized.

To Use

To Deodorize Only

Shake Well and Spray Directly On Feet or In Shoes.

(Quick Drying)

To Cleanse and Deodorize Feet

Spray Directly on Feet and Wipe with a Paper or Fabric Cloth.

Gender neutral
No rinsing needed
naturally derived ingredients
ph balanced
cruelty free
made in the usa
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Our Hope

We hope you find that our eco-friendly products conveniently solves your need to simply and quickly cleanse, deodorize, and refresh. We’re certain you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you're not only clean but also smell good!

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