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As a natural problem solver, 

Mary Tonn conceived the idea for "That Spray", a quick spray body cleaner and deodorizer, many years ago while using the restroom. 

It is well known that sometimes dry toilet paper does not suffice, and most wet wipes do not provide a natural, chemical-free and environmentally friendly alternative. Mary also realized that such a spray did not need to be limited only to the lower body region since all body parts require a little refreshment from time to time.(Pits, Privates, Butt, Feet...)

After years of thinking about creating a spray, Mary decided It was finally time to move forward with the product. Her objective was to develop a product that embraced natural and gentle ingredients, was pH balanced, eco- friendly  and could be sprayed directly on the body, fabric, or paper.

That Spray Bottles

To formulate the perfect quick cleanse spray and deodorizer, Mary commissioned Daisy Blue Naturals' founder Jena Thompson, a chemist and expert in product formulation. Jena combined naturally derived ingredients to create an effective and safe product. 

After several rounds of testing formulas, we are pleased to offer 3 ideal “That Spray” options.


Now, one year later, we are happy to provide an addition to our “That Spray” line, introducing the Feet & Shoes Spray.

Here’s to refreshed Pits, Privates, Butt, Feet, Shoes and more!

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